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We always say "your bike, your ride" & we mean it over here at STRETCH studio. Your cycle instructor is simply there to guide you through class, not to push you beyond your limit.  


Our indoor cycling classes are inclusive, not exclusive! You can ride with us, so please  join us for an exhilarating 50-minute low impact cardiovascular exercise. Together we safely reap the benefits of  increased endurance and calorie burn.


Classes are designed for indoor cyclists at every skill level from beginners to seasoned indoor cyclists. Our instructors encourage you to do what is right for your body while  motivating you to achieve great results.

Houston Spin Class time - 50 minutes

Each class is designed to ensure participants achieve an effective workout while maintaining safe indoor cycling instruction. This includes ensuring that each rider's bike is properly set up for the workout. Our instructors provide participants with an individual bike set up and briefing to ensure maximum safety

Ok, but what makes cycle classes at STRETCH studio different?! Two words...traditional cycle! Our traditional indoor cycling classes are designed to simulate outdoor riding conditions, including flat roads and hill climbs at various speeds designed to challenge rides of all experience levels. This is a very different style than you will find at other studios. Why traditional? It conditions your body SAFELY. Our cycle studio uniquely limited to only 12 participants allowing for sufficient personal space between each machine, providing you with great comfort while you ride. 

 Please bring either clip in shoes or appropriate athletic shoes.We do not provide shoe rentals.


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Group Classes & Private sessions are by appointment only.

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