We are proud to offer you private sessions in a private suite! One-on-one private Pilates instruction is customized to focus on your individual needs and goals and is held in a private studio, free from outside distraction. Our highly-trained instructors focus on proper form and body mechanics to help elevate your movements.


Private sessions are perfect for anyone who prefers more privacy or someone who wants a program designed specific to them. Private rooms are fully equipped with over-sized orthopedic and antibacterial apparatus.


75 minutes of pure relaxation and self care all for you. Do you have a specific part of your body that needs some extra attention like your low back or neck? Treat yourself to private sessions & allow our team to customize the experience for your personal goals and needs. These one-on-one sessions are held in a private studio, free from outside distraction.


Treat yourself. Private yoga sessions are perfect for those who prefer privacy, those who want a yoga session customized for them, or simply those who need some time just for themselves. 


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Group Classes & Private sessions are by appointment only.

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