Daring to be selfish?! oh my!

What if we woke up and decided to be selfish? What would that look like and what would that mean to you? Of course I am not implying you should be self centred and rude to everyone you meet, but instead that you should nurture yourself just as you do those closest to you. All of those terrible things you say to yourself, you would never say to those you love!!! So why do we talk like that to ourselves? What if we were just as concerned about our own wellbeing as we are about those around us. The point is that you must take care of yourself first so that you can be the best possible version of yourself for YOURSELF and for your loved ones. Do something every day that is for your well being whether its a yoga class, a bubble bath or just a quiet cup of tea. Take time to sit, to breathe and let be. You my dear are MORE THAN WORTH IT! <3

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