What makes STRETCH studio different?

Have you ever been to a group class where you felt completely lost, or in pain trying to keep up? Have you walked into a studio without a greeting where no one smiles and the employees seem indifferent to your presence? This is exactly why we are proud to be different and stand apart from the rest, we care about you! Our small class sizes ensure that you will get personalized attention. Our fully certified and kind teachers are here for you every step of the way. We watch each participant offering modification or progressions when available. Success in the class is never measured by how many repetitions, or how fast you can do them, and its especially never about being in competition with your neighbor. Success comes when you are able to control the exercise, when you are in the best possible alignment and when you are able to function daily feeling pain free and strong. Exercise should always be a celebration of what your body can do! Its an opportunity to get stronger and show yourself some love. Let us give back to our beautiful bodies that carries us through life every day.

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