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 Why be 1 of 20+ people in a yoga class? We are happy to offer Houston small non-heated yoga classes. Our certified and hands on yoga instructors will guide you through a relaxing private yoga session no matter your experience level. We welcome all levels in our private yoga classes. Each yoga class is targeted at providing you with exceptional and traditional techniques that uplift, support and challenge you. We offer antibacterial yoga blocks and mats for your health and comfort for all clients free of charge. 
(832) 460-4323

Whether you just want to spoil yourself or simply prefer more privacy, private sessions may be right for you. In one-on-one yoga your instructor will create a custom session just for you based on your goals, or any physical limitation you may have to work around. Private sessions are all about finding what works for your body and reaping all the benefits of that individualized session.

To schedule your private session please email or

call (832) 940-1727 to book.

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