Why be 1 of 20+ people in a yoga class? We are happy to offer Houston small non-heated yoga classes. Our certified and hands on yoga instructors will guide you through a relaxing private yoga session no matter your experience level. We welcome all levels in our private yoga classes. Each yoga class is targeted at providing you with exceptional and traditional techniques that uplift, support and challenge you. We offer antibacterial yoga blocks and mats for your health and comfort for all clients free of charge. 
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What Houstonians are saying about private Yoga at STRETCH studio 

" I finally found it - the perfect stretch in Houston. I had been looking for a really good full-body stretch class. Tried restorative yoga at two or three yoga studios, tried one of those storefront stretch places. Nothing was quite right. Then I found Stretch. I am so thrilled." 
"This place is so amazing. It's run by two spectacular women - Kobra and Krista. I honestly prefer taking a yoga class with Kobra instead of going somewhere to get a massage - it's even more relaxing. I've only taken yoga classes here but they have been incredible. Great adjustments (I'm a beginner!) and poses that make me feel so strong." 

Class time: 75-minutes

Houston's Private Yoga Teachers

Alleviate body pain and leave feeling refreshed and restored in Houston's ultimate private yoga classes. Our classes are suitable for beginners through advanced so join us as we guide you through movements that release your neck, lower back and hips while stretching your entire body. Instructors may use props to support your body and relax you into a meditative state of mind. 

Feel Comfortable with Private Yoga Sessions

All of our Yoga classes are intentionally held at a comfortable room temperature, our classes are not heated. A non-heated class gives your body a chance to build its own heat and move from a safer place. Together we will focus on restorative yoga moments at a slow moving and gentle pace. Classes offered for folks with busy schedules, so get in touch now and let's get you in here!


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Group Classes & Private sessions are by appointment only.

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